Bikini Barista’s Dressed Up For A Hottie Halloween [NSFW]

Bikini Barista’s Dressed Up For A Hottie Halloween

If you don’t know what bikini baristas are by now you need to come to Washington ASAP and visit one. You can sleep on my couch and we can hit up all of the ones in my area. Make sure you come on Friday because FRIDAY IS PASTY FRIDAY!!!

I get the comment every time I reference a bikini barista, “what the hell is that.” Dude, it is a girl barista – which is someone who serves coffee and other drinks/snacks wearing a bikini. And on Fridays they don’t even wear tops! The girl below wore alien pasties and I am a huge fan.

I want to invent one called pythons and it is the male version wearing g-strings. I know I am a fucking visionary.


This girl posted her work address on Snapchat with the message offering an “alien probe job” along with you tall pumpkin spice latte. Talk about service with a smile and really going the extra distance to please the customer!

Yeah… I am getting in my car and taking the 45 min drive up to Seattle. I hope I don’t need to bring my own probe… Or is the probe a penis? If it is a penis I am ready to go.

All I know is a need to spend some more time at the coffee stand:

Seriously… They get people hooked to the coffee and then force them to see these awful bikini baristas… gross

I was beeing sarcastic if you didn’t catch my tone!


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