Bikini Model Receives ‘Rudest Ever’ Message After Posting This Picture

A teenage Instagram model has been slut-shamed by the owner of a swimwear brand for speaking out about her body insecurities.

Instagram may look pretty, but we all know there’s a darker undertone lurking in the comments section and the private messages.

Australian Instagram model, Stevie Alger found this out when she received a torrent of abuse from Allison Appleby, the owner of swimwear brand, Aquadiva.

The 19-year-old Queensland model was informed via Instagram that a picture of her posing in a Aquadiva Swimwear bikini would be displayed at the brand’s pop-up shop on the Gold Coast.

However, when Stevie expressed concern over the photograph’s use, saying she felt insecure about that particular shot, she was called ‘rude’ and fake’.

Sunsets with @juan_medina_jcm ?

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llison Appleby wrote to the model in a private message which has since been shared:

So disappointed Stevie – I personally chose you because you seemed like such a nice girl. This is such a rude and immature way to treat us.

You don’t seem to be self conscious in your latest post with the way you are portraying your self image – sitting with your legs so far apart!

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Not quite finished, Allison continued to abuse Stevie and target her personality, adding:

It seems like you are just like a lot of other Insta girls – so fake. From Allison.

@roaraccessories ?

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Alger replied:

Oh wow that is by far one of the meanest and rudest messages I’ve ever received.

I think it’s fair for every girl to feel self conscious from time to time…

Thank you to @triangl for my little surprise today, love them to bits ??❤️☀️

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In an interview with Mail Online, Stevie took the higher ground:

I absolutely think what she said and how she has handled herself is wrong in so many ways, but I think it will be best to end it here to hopefully move on.

I’m a huge believer in standing up to bullies…I’m very happy that at least we made a point and hopefully she will never treat someone like that again.

Big old cheesy smile ? @edisonwatchco

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Presumably worried about her brand’s reputation, Abbleby made an attempt at apologising for her backward-thinking remarks.

The entrepreneur told Mail Online:

She doesn’t seem to be the self-conscious girl she’s portraying herself to everyone on Instagram. When I asked her what she didn’t like about the photo, she just left me hanging for 10 minutes.

I feel so sick to the stomach about it. I have apologised to Stevie twice now but she has not accepted my apology.

Pleading ignorance, Abbleby continued, ‘I didn’t even know there was a term [slut-shame] for it. I’m not completely savvy with all the technology young people use these days.’

Unfortunately for Appleby, ignorance to the nasty side of online interactions is not an excuse for slut-shaming.


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