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Bill O’Reilly: How Can Black People Get Jobs When They All Have Face Tattoos?

Bill O’Reilly: How Can Black People Get Jobs When They All Have Face Tattoos?

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Bill O’Reilly had Donald Trump on as a guest Monday night and grilled the candidate on how he would reach minority voters considering the dismal support he currently maintains outside of his white male base. Same as it ever was with “The Factor,” their thoughts on the matter were about as relevant and informed as those of a sea cucumber.

O’Reilly kicked off the segment by saying “let’s talk about the minorities,” giving viewers, if they weren’t expecting it already, a hint at the highly nuanced direction the conversation was headed. Defending Trump over accusations from Tavis Smiley that the Republican frontrunner is a “racial arsonist,” O’Reilly said that he could think of zero evidence proving such a claim over the 30 years he’s known the real estate mogul.


O’Reilly pointed to polls, however, that the perception is nevertheless rampant among black and Hispanic communities (the implication being that it’s a misperception, i.e.: that minority voters are stupid) and asked Trump what his message would be to those voters to win them over. Trump responded to the racial question by turning it into one of economics, saying he would bring jobs back to the country.

It was then that O’Reilly spewed this bit of cucumber jizz all over the conversation:

But how are you gonna get jobs for them? Many of them are ill-educated and have tattoos on their foreheads — and, you know, I hate to be generalized about it but it’s true — if you look at all the educational statistics. How are you going to give jobs to people who aren’t qualified for jobs?

Though he “hates to be generalized about it,” O’Reilly later added that “when we drive up to Yankee Stadium, we go through Harlem,” so he knows what he’s talking about.

To be fair, when O’Reilly talks about how Trump can expect to get jobs for people who “aren’t qualified for them,” he points to the difficulties a young minority student faces in the education system that a young white student doesn’t face. He’s attempting to address the implications of institutional racism in his own ham-fisted way. The problem is, he’s so ill-informed and uneducated about the issue that he ends up reasserting the sort of racist rhetoric the system he’s talking about perpetuates.

Which is why, despite whatever your intentions, you should maybe bite your tongue when discussing complex things you are not an authority on, lest you end up looking like a sea cucumber jizzing all over itself.

3 replies on “Bill O’Reilly: How Can Black People Get Jobs When They All Have Face Tattoos?”

There really is no way to attract minorities while feeding white resentment.

That seems obvious, but for some reason, Republicans think doing both is doable.

The only black dudes I ever seen with a tattoo on their face was in pictures of the worst criminals and maybe in some rap videos. I have to this day never seen one black person in public anywhere with tattoos like that. I have seen white guys with lots of face tats and or piercings though plenty of times. I’m in my mid 30s and I have also been jailed more than once and I didn’t even see it while I was locked up so what does that tell you about his statement?

As a Republican I am surprised he hasn’t pledged to bring back death camps yet. I hate to be generalized about it but it’s true.

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