This Billboard Has Scientologists Fuming


This Billboard Has Scientologists Fuming

The last words Phil Jones heard from his son were, “I never want to talk to you again.” That’s the Church of Scientology for you, he tells Today. “It’s a cruel and vindictive organization.” Both in their 60s, Phil and wife Willie were members of Scientology for 40 years before leaving two years ago over “demands for money” and “the way people were handled and screamed at,” Phil tells Page Six. But then their adult son and daughter, also members, cut off all communication as part of Disconnection, “a form of hypnosis” used to separate families to control members, Phil tells Curbed. The couple tried to reconnect by posting missing posters around their son’s workplace. Then they started thinking larger-scale. After raising $14,000 on GoFundMe, the couple has erected a billboard in Los Angeles reading, “To my loved one in Scientology… call me.”

The goal is “to make people more aware of Scientology Disconnection, as well as hopefully entice those in Scientology to take that step of calling their loved ones,” per the GoFundMe page. Phil and Willie are also using a documentary filmmaker to tell their story, per Us Weekly. “It is shameful that two people desperate for publicity would hook up with a reality TV producer to shamelessly exploit their two adult children over their choice of faith,” the Church of Scientology says, adding that the couple is promoting “anti-religious hate and bigotry.” The Joneses simply hope their message reaches their son and daughter, the latter of whom reportedly has worked for David Miscavige and Tom Cruise. “We love you guys so much, and miss you so much,” says Willie. “We won’t stop fighting for you, ever, ever,” adds Phil. (Scientology is about “us against them,” says Leah Remini.)


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I know Scientology was invented to plunder people for money and not to have to pay taxes on the profits, but did they have to out-evil all the established religions?

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