Bisexual Women Tell The Differences Between Having Sex With Men Vs Women

2E4FCE5B00000578-0-image-a-15_1447284867204[1]The latest video by popular YouTube vlogger Arielle Scarcella features bisexual and pansexual women revealing the differences between having sex with men and women. And well, you guys fucked up. Whoever is having sexual relations with these bisexuals gave the rest of the guys a bad reputation. The bisexuals and pansexuals had both been with men and women, but it seemed that they were mostly #TeamWomen for who screws the best.

The three ladies gave their opinions on who were the better lovers and it doesn’t look good for the guy team. “Women hands down, it’s not even a question,” says one bisexual woman.

“Both are very good in very different ways… I love topping girls so it’s not about my pleasure necessarily when I’m going into a sexual interaction with a girl,” one interviewee states.


However, one woman points out that sex with men doesn’t take as much time and there’s no picking out strap-ons, massagers and double-donged dildos. “You don’t have all the equipment lesbians do,” she says. “It’s just like wham, bam, right there. It’s easy, there’s no prep.”

So make sure you give it 110 percent next time you are getting romantic with a bisexual woman. Let’s knock down these awful stereotypes.


Bisexual Women Tell The Differences Between Having Sex With Men And Women

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