Bizarre Screaming Match Over A Man Thrown Out Of A Pub Accused Of Having Sex With His Dog

Onlookers were left baffled as the smartly-dressed man and a woman launched into a foul-mouthed argument in the town centre in Burnley, Lancashire. During the argument the man is seen denying the claims and even threatening legal action against the woman.


One fellow drinker even emerges from the pub to harangue the man and label him a ‘doggy sh*gger’. Alistair Eccles, who witnessed the fall-out, said the duo ‘didn’t seem to care’ who heard their lurid squabble.

Mr Eccles, from Colne, Lancashire, said, ‘There were at least a dozen people on the street but these two didn’t seem bothered. ‘He seemed to be actually admitting it when she was accusing him of sh*gging the dog. It was so surreal.

A man and a woman became embroiled in a bizarre street spat after the man was supposedly thrown out of a pub for apparently admitting that he had sex with a dog.


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