Black Woman Films White Lady Being Racist On Flight – Then American Airlines Made Things Even Worse

Amber J. Phillips, writer and host of the podcast “The Black Joy Mixtape,” experienced an airline nightmare that went from bad to worse when American Airlines sided against her for seemingly no reason.

“The cops were called on me for flying while fat & Black,” she explains.

Phillips flew from Durham, North Carolina to Washington, D.C., and tweeted about the experience with photographic evidence.

The white woman SIMPLY COULD NOT HANDLE having an arm so close to hers, even though that’s just how it works on airplanes

She called the cops on Phillips to exact her revenge, subjecting Phillips to humiliating treatment with help from the flight attendant.


The next day, Phillips added some more details.


Phillips had no intention of hurting her seat neighbor, but that didn’t stop the lady from making a scene.

The stakes are devastatingly high when you’re Black and forced to interact with law enforcement

The cop was quick to anger.

“As a black woman, my life is always at risk, especially when facing policies that are in place to discriminate. Fatness is not the problem — the problem is the discriminatory and racist way we treat fat people in this country. I also need people to know that the intersections of my identity as a fat, black woman are what led to the racist interactions with the white passenger and the police,” Phillips explained to Yahoo Lifestyle.

Phillips explains that the white woman’s insistence on getting law enforcement involved in the simple act of accidental arm-touching was in order to portray her as an aggressor.

“This situation is why white people should stop calling the police on black people who are simply existing, especially in a country that, right now, is filled with unapologetic hatred,” she says. “I’m telling my story because I deserve to exist.”


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