Blind Hoarder Probably Had No Idea She Was Living With Her Dead Son’s Skeleton For 20 Years

On September 15, Josette Buchman showed up to the Brooklyn home of Rita Wolfensohn, her elderly sister-in-law, to pick up some things to deliver to Wolfensohn, who had been hospitalized after a fall. According to NY Post, that relative found a lot more than she bargained for amid the clutter of the legally blind Wolfensohn’s home. In a second floor bedroom, amid the detritus that filled the room from top to bottom, Buchman found an intact skeleton that was still dressed in a shirt, jeans, and socks, splayed out on a mattress on the floor.


The corpse is believed to have belonged to her son who was buried under the trash heap that consumed the room for as long as 20 years. The room was reportedly full of spider webs and garbage and according to one police officer looked like “a garbage truck had dumped its load” there. Police also said that the room smelled like rotting food but not rotting flesh.

When police questioned the woman, she said that she thought her son had just moved out. It must have been under relatively bad terms, since she wouldn’t have heard from him in over two decades. Most of Wolfensohn’s family member fell out of touch with her, but they also told police that they hadn’t seen her son in about 20 years.

One officer remarked that the grisly scenario played out like a “reverse ‘Psycho scene” referencing the movie where Norman Bates willfully lives with the corpse of his mother.

Police believe that the man found in the house died of natural causes.


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