A Bloodthirsty Abominable Snowman Special Effects Makeup Tutorial

A Bloodthirsty Abominable Snowman Special Effects Makeup Tutorial


Los Angeles professional beauty and special effects makeup artist Mykie of Glam&Gore has released a horrifying special effects makeup tutorial where she does an amazing job of showing us how to turn ourselves into a bloodthirsty abominable snowman (yeti).

Happy holidays, zombaes! Bringing you another festive FX look this year as an abominable snowman / yeti! This tutorial covers the prosthetic makeup sculpting, teeth, nails, horns, application, and costume if you count hot glue as a way to put together clothing (hey, I tried). Snow is pretty but I like to think a mega creep like this guy is hiding under a big pile just waiting for someone to jump in………. why do I think of these things?

Quick note I forgot to mention in the tutorial – the styrofoam wand I’m using gets extremely hot and you need to be super careful using it. It also gives off some intense fumes so wear a breathing mask or respirator and work in a well ventilated room.

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