Bodybuilder Addicted To Muscle Injections Now Needs Arm Amputated

4 replies on “Bodybuilder Addicted To Muscle Injections Now Needs Arm Amputated”

thats totally gross man i’d never do that to my body.

Once again I feel no sympathy for someone like this; it was all his choice, no one forced him to make himself look like a moron and possibly lose limbs.
Do ‘bodybuilders’ really think this looks good? Maybe some men/women find it attractive? (I find that hard to believe but you can never account for personal taste, eh?)

Well I feel sympathy for him. What he did was his own fault, but that doesn’t mean I can’t feel for his plight.

He clearly has a lot of issues and I hope he can work thru them and find a way to be happy with who he is.

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