Bodycam: Man Dies After Taser Shocks During Fight With Police

Bodycam: Man Dies After Taser Shocks During Fight With Police


Troopers say Billy Collins was arrested after a traffic incident near the site of the Lawrence County High School graduation in May of 2015. He was charged with Driving on a Suspended Kentucky Operator’s License, Failure to Maintain Insurance, and Disorderly Conduct. Police say Collins’ vehicle was stuck in a ditch and he “began acting in an inappropriate manner by yelling and cursing (at) individuals attending the graduation ceremony.” Collins was taken to the Louisa Police Department where officers say he was combative, striking an officer many times.

Officers say Collins fled into the foyer of the police department and barricaded himself there. Lawrence County Sheriff’s deputies were called to the scene to assist, and a deputy used a Taser through a door crack — striking Collins. The Taser was used a second time, and officers also punched Collins to try and subdue him, according to the news release. After the struggle, Collins was restrained and placed in a seated position. Officers called for EMS assistance after they say Collins showed signs of a medical emergency. Netcare EMS provided medical assistance and took Collins to Three Rivers Medical Center where he later died.

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