Boobs Vs Butts – Who You Got?


There is a war that has dominated civilization since its inception. One plague upon every house, destined to bewilder and bewitch those who hold high the female form.

Which is better: boobs or butts?

Now, I realize that this is a dark path to travel down. I know that some of you may say that physical appearance is trumped by emotional and intellectual beauty, and I agree with that.

But I also love boobs and butts. They are pretty perfect.

So, in light of sexual attraction and unrepentant sex appeal, which is sexier? Boobs or butts?

Worldwide Preferences

Let’s start with academic perspective here. PornHub decided to go down the list of countries, to determine which countries by visitors searched for more boob centric porn versus butt centric porn. What they found was startling.

In America, South America, and Africa, the butt wins. Everywhere else, breasts. While both were immensely popular world-wide, it would appear that only certain countries pride the butt more. The vast majority of the population (India, Russia, and China taking up a huge amount alone) are boob fans.

PornHub saw this as a battle between the East and West. With the exception of Africa, every continent on the Eastern Hemisphere craved the boobies, while in America… Canada is the outlier.

But want to further break down the American opinion? The vast majority of states prefer butts, except the ones closest to Western Canada, which are more boob inclined. What’s interesting is that areas in America with more racial diversity tend to value the butts. Coincidence? Maybe.

Boobs – A Safe Bet


Of course, breasts are culturally significant. Breasts are seen as a sign of fertility. Of life. Full breasts usually means full of estrogen… or full of life-bringing milk. In this sense, breasts are a sign of health and power.

It does not hurt that boobs are purely soft things. There are no bones or noteworthy muscles there. The breasts are, in this sense, pillows from heaven.

Plus, breasts are incredibly sensitive. By touching them in certain ways, one can spur on pleasure in the lady you are with. Just saying.

Butts – Beautiful


Butts have a long history, too. The butt is often associated with fertility, as wider hips (birthing hips) are acknowledged across society as a sign of easy child rearing. Thus, from an evolutionary standpoint, it’s imperative that we find mates with bountiful derrieres.

Plus, that look when they’re walking down, hand on that hip. You know that’s the hottest thing in the world you’ve ever seen. That hand on the hip? Butt pushed out a little? Oh, yes. Just – just yes. Nothing is more alluring than the booty.

Okay, I’m totally biased. The booty is my fav. I’m sorry. I can’t keep up this charade of unbiased commentary any longer. It’s too hard.

Do you realize how many photos of butts I had to go through to mentally prepare myself for this article? I had to look up, like, fifty butts. Fifty glorious butts – and I did it for you.

Look, maybe you can deal with boobs. Boobs are awesome. They’re beautiful. Luscious. Small boobs. Big boobs. Lopsided – don’t matter. They are beautiful to look at and receptors of intense pleasure.

But the butt? C’mon. Ass just looks beautiful. You look at that, and you get hot under the collar. Pink rises in the cheeks. That booty….

Oh, and the booty leads into thighs and belly, two more incredibly precious and important parts of the female form. Inner thigh… lower back…

I think I need a long shower.


So, are you a boobs or a bum guy? Cast your vote below!

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