Boobs Vs. Butts: What Your Preference Says About You, According To Science

I LIKE BIG BUTTS and I cannot lie.

There’s Finally Some Science Behind Whether You’re A Boobs Or Bum Man


It’s a debate that’s raged on since the dawn of time, but now there’s finally a scientific explanation as to whether you’re a lover of boobs or bum.

Gene Expression, a blog specialising in all things genetics, explored the different physical preferences men have about women’s bodies – along with their deeper meanings. The study they focused on was conducted by Wiggins et. al in 1968, but still, what they say could provide us with a clearer understanding of whether each of us like boobs or bums.

According to Wiggins et. al, if you live and die by a pair of big boobs, you also probably read a lot of sports magazines. A large breast preference was correlated highly with a need for exhibitionism, which essentially means that men up prefer women with bigger boobs are usually the ones that want to be the centre of attention.

Independence is key for the boob guy, so if you prefer them you should have no problem exchanging witty banter and holding you own, alone. The study also found that men who displayed breast-preference also contained a larger inclination to smoke – and also quit things – as general endurance was negatively correlated.

On the flip side of the boob debate, men who share a high affinity for smaller breasts, but still favour breasts in general, tend to display a different set of values. Wiggins et. al suggested a link between petite figures and wealth, as men from upper-class families generally share a taste in smaller physiques. The study states that this could have a lot to do with upper-class people’s exposure to high fashion clothing, which is generally modeled by more petite women.

As for bums, Wiggins et. al’s study said that preference for the very large buttocks is characterised by a need for order (neatness, organisation, orderliness). Bum men also tend to work in business-related jobs, which coincides with their high value of structure in their lives. The need for large buttocks was also highly related to an overall need for achievement.


So, are you a boobs or a bum guy? Cast your vote below!


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