Booty Flip Challenge Is Another Pointless Craze That Is Already Sweeping The Internet

So if you enjoyed the BootyFlipCup challenge, and you enjoyed taking a look at the Underboob Pen challenge, how about we sort of combined the two to make a new challenge? OK, this new one doesn’t involve underboob, but it does involve a bunch of gals using their ass like a basketball backboard.

This new “challenge” was started by 18-year-old Occidental College student Sydney Vermilyea, and it’s called the #BootyFlipChallenge. Recently Vermilyea shared a video of herself bent over near a trash can while a friend tosses a pen towards her butt. And all that Vermilyea does is arch her back and allow for the pen to ricochet off her butt and fall into the trash can. This is our society now, folks.

The tweet of course says “Help me go viral. Well, the internet did just that. Let’s first take a look at Vermilyea’s video thanks to her Twitter.

And look at that face afterwards. She sure feels pretty damn accomplished.

The internet of course followed suit and shared their own.

I’m just glad our future is being productive.


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