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Boozy Brit Babes Behaving Badly At Magaluf Boat Party

Boozy Brit Babes Behaving Badly At Magaluf Boat Party


A video was posted online this week showing tourists’ X-rated antics and is so graphic it is being featured on porn websites.

The minute-and-a-half clip cuts between scenes of swimsuit-clad revellers dancing, drinking and playing sex games on the deck of a boat.

One part shows girls wearing bikinis play a game involving using sun cream to sexually rub against each other as a huge crowd looks on.

In another, girls dance topless as they appear to be having their breasts judged by someone who can be heard over a microphone.


SEX PARTY: Revellers are encouraged to simulate sex acts


ROMPS: The slightly sunburned gals play up for the heaving crowd


TOPLESS: Girls are cheered as they get their breasts out for a crowd

The very graphic parts of the film involve explicit sex acts being done in front of dozens of tourists.

At one point, a party rep encourages a naked young woman to simulate anal sex with a man who is wearing just his swimming trunks.

But the most shocking scene sees a girl actually perform oral sex on a male reveller as she is egged-on by a DJ.

It’s not clear exactly when the footage was filmed, but it was uploaded onto various UK porn sites this week.


LESBIAN: Girls enjoy lesbian-themed sex games involving stripping each other


GAMES: Lads play various sex games with girls in front of a large crowd


NAKED: Girls lie partially clad on the deck floor as they are sprayed with booze

The Spanish resort – once dubbed “Shagaluf” – has been rocked by numerous Brit sex scandals in the past few years.

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In the Uk, Magaluf has a reputations for these shennanigans. In Magaluf, the UK has the reputation.

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