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Bouncer Filmed Going Into Absolute Beast Mode

Bouncer Filmed Going Into Absolute Beast Mode



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Things can quickly get out of hand when you’ve had a few on a night or in these guy’s case, a day of drinking, but perhaps this video shows things went a little too far. 

The unknown guys in question had obviously enjoyed a skinful before they decided it would be a good idea to start on a bouncer. N.B. It wasn’t.

The Sun reports how one bouncer single-handedly took down two drunken guys.

Here’s the footage showing how he gave zero fucks whilst taking no shit from the guys:

It was quite a showdown with the two guys kicking off against just the one bouncer.

The bouncer had two choices: get beaten up or beat them up, so he went for the latter and went all Jackie Chan on their asses.

giphy 65 2 Bouncer Filmed Going Into Absolute Beast Mode

The bouncer refused the guys entry to a bar in Dublin, before they decided to go for him.

Guy number one punches the doorman straight in the face, quickly followed by guy number two.

The bouncer then radios through for back-up before the first guy goes for him again.


Guy number one then whips out some karate action to little avail, while guy number two runs at the doorman, kicking and flailing.

Undeterred, the doorman floors both guys with a punch each before guy number one gets up and goes for him again.

The first attacker seems to hang back a little this time, leaving room for his mate to step in, although unlucky for him, the bouncer saw him coming and downed him completely.


The first guy seeing his mate on the cold, hard pavement decides not to attack again, but instead, disgustingly spits in the bouncer’s face.

The footage ends with the floored guys staggering to their feet and being carried off, defeated by their mates.

Manager, Colette Lenehan praised the bouncer for defending himself and the way he dealt with the situation, saying he was ‘doing his job.’



According to Colette, one of the guys came back and hurled death threats at the doorman.

She said to The Sun Online:

The two guys were drunk and refused entry.

They did walk away initially and then they came back a few seconds later – and you can see what happens next.


He had to defend himself and you can hear he keeps saying ‘go home, go home’.



The manager described the bouncer as being ‘very shook,’ after the attack, saying he was ‘a quiet family man,’ who was very ‘polite.’

The incident has attracted a lot of attention, with people condemning his actions, whilst others commending him.

We’ll leave it upto you to decide if he was in the right or if he just went too far…

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