Brazilian Soap Star’s Explicit Deleted Sex Scene Leaks Via Twitter


In Brazil, stunning actress and model Bruna Marquezine is a star in her own right. Adding to her popularity is the fact that Marquezine is the on-again/off-again/rumored-on-again girlfriend of FC Barcelona soccer star Neymar. The pair are pretty much the most famous celebrity couple in Brazil.


Why am I telling you this? I’m so glad you asked. Marquezine is the star of a Brazilian soap titled “Nada Será Como Antes,” which translates to “Nothing will Be As Before.” As you can probably guess, Brazilian TV is far more risqué than standard American network fare. According to 101 Great Goals, Marquezine plays a club owner involved in both a hetero and lesbian relationship.

On Thursday, an explicit sex scene from her show was leaked online and Globo, the network that owns the rights to the scene, is livid that the explicit footage made its way online. The NSFW softcore scene, in which Marquezine has sex with a male costar can be seen here.

The understanding is that the scene was cut because it was too graphic for TV. We’ve seen what passes for appropriate on South American TV, so that’s really saying something.

quando seu amigo é um fotógrafo incrível @andrenicolau ❤️ thanks! Lov U

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In any case, now you’re all caught up on all of your Brazilian actress scandal news for the day.


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