Brazilian Soccer Freestyler Juggles Ball In High Heels And Mini-Skirt Dress, Demands You To ‘Raise It’, But ‘It’ Is Already Raised


Raquel Benetti is a soccer freestyler from Sao Paulo, Brazil who has zero problem doing tricks in her going-out gear. Here’s an Instagram video of Raquel in a mini-skirt dress and high heels pulling off some serious leg-work while loungin’ poolside.


The video was a response to retired Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo’s challenge to #RaiseIt, which appears to be a promotion for PokerStars.

This isn’t the first time Benetti’s showed off her juggling skills in her finest outfit.


Luckily for her and unluckily for creepos and pervs, she did NOT go commando.

You might remember Raquel as one-half of the female freestyle duo that pranked dudes on “the pitch” by dressing up like grandmas and dominating games. The whole dressing up like old people prank started with Spike Jonze and Jackass then got bigger with Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa and got more mainstream with that commercial starring Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. And it’s still going strong as evidenced by this CrossFit competitor owning bros at muscle beach in an old man suit. It’s gotten to the point where if I see an old person, I immediately try to rip their mask off.

Benetti’s juggling isn’t quite as dangerous as this bro balancing a samurai sword on his nose while juggling machetes or this girl’s electric sword juggling, but if I’ve learned anything from movies and television, it’s that an attractive woman in a short dress and high heels who can do that to balls with her legs is an assassin.


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