BREAKING UPDATE: Girl With Ghost In The Backseat


Yesterday ElectricEye received an urgent email directly from the mother of the ghost girl concerning the post we put up, ‘GIRL’S CAR SELFIE PURPORTS TO SHOW ‘GHOST BOY’ IN BACK SEAT’

We wanted to share it with you and let you decide. Here is her story:


I am the mother of the girl who took the selfie of the ghost in the back seat it has occurred to me that everyone on the planet has the picture however they do not have proof that it is in fact 2 photos that were taken 1/2 seconds apart.the first 178 0f 509 the second 179 0f 509.. The 2 photos I sent are of the images with the data as the camera reads them. You can see behind the data that the boy was in the second image (178 of 509) prior to the image on the sd card being uploaded and named.

ghostimage-2 ghostimage

 No photo shopping was done. I am a photographer but sadly not that skilled if you look at the picture the boy is smack in the middle of a five layer photo. The front of the car, Harper  her hair ,and the headrest are in front of the boys image the back seat of the car and back window are behind him. If you zoom in on Harper’s hair you can see single strands going across his face and you can see he is behind the headrest of the car. The boy changes focus and is partially transparent on the top and side of his hair but if you look to the other side of the photograph an umbrella is clearly in focus in the back window.The photos were taken with a Nikon D 40 first generation it has no applications that would allow anyone to put an image smack between the layers of a photo.
 People love or hate this photo because it is a true Paranormal ( above around the normal). Three top professors in their countries Scotland, England , and Canada have verified the photo as paranormal but only Greg Pocha head Eidlon Project Canada has said yes I can not explain the child in the back seat. No investigator will say it is a ghost as scientifically ghost have not been proven. I am very positive however that Greg will tell you how he came upon his conclusions of the photo and the process he used. he has never been interviewed about the photo as yet here is the link to Greg’s investigation as well. Bret Bode a paranormal investigator was the first to review the photograph just minutes after i found it.
thank you
So what do you think? Do you believe in ghosts? You do have to admit something was definitely weird happening in that picture, and I think I would never ride in that car again… or on that road.
Hey, I’ve seen scary movies! I know the warning signs! I for one want to be the smart person who lives! No running and tripping and ankle breaking for me!
I want to thank mkurtz for turning this in and giving us a follow up on this intriguing story and the unnerving photos as well!
Let us know how you feel about these images in the comments below.

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