Breastfeeding Mother Pisses Off Internet Once Again After Feeding 6 Year Old

The kid is thirsty give him a break. HE NEEDS SOME MILK!

I don’t even know where to start with this story. At first, you want to say, people need to mind their own business. BUT she kinda makes it everyone’s business by throwing titty videos on the internet.

A year ago a Mom came under fire for posting these breastfeeding videos which I learned are okay for YouTube because they are educational….


According to AllDay: It’s a video of a woman showing the world how breastfeeding works while wearing a sports bra. The only thing peculiar about the video is that one of her kids is actually 6 years old!


Since its the internet of course, Moms are out there flipping shit:


Some are even sourcing doctors who apparently only recommend: breastfeeding for children up to two years. Beyond that, they recommend a healthy and balanced diet. See! Even people who know science won’t recommend what this woman is doing!


Check out the viral video below, it might be NSFW but also educational?

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