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Brian Cox Shuts Down Flat Eath Theory With Perfectly Simple Response

Professor Brian Cox completely shut down the flat-Earth theory with one simple response – and it’d be pretty hard to argue against his point.

Now I’d like to think Brian knows what he’s talking about and while it seems we’ve been hearing about flat-Earthers and their theory more and more recently, he’s come out with some good old fashioned facts.

On what’s called Science Page on Facebook, Professor Cox was on video, answering a question from somebody called Johanna about whether the Earth could indeed be flat.

This is exactly what he had to say about it:



He starts off by getting straight in there, no messing about, with:

There is absolutely no basis at all for thinking the world is flat. Nobody in human history, as far as I know, has thought the world was flat.

The Greeks measured the radius of the Earth. I cannot conceive of a reason why anybody would think the world is flat.


Then he goes into more detail about the facts behind it:

There are interesting bits of physics that tell you, you live on a spinning planet and one of them is called the Coriolis force, which is the force that’s responsible for causing storm systems to rotate on the planet.

So when you see those beautiful pictures of storms spinning around and rotating, the reason for that is that we live on a spinning planet.

You see, members of the so-called ‘Flat Earth Society’ claim the Earth is actually flat and that’s mostly down to the fact when walking around it feels flat, so they deem all evidence incorrect.

Yet it’s evidence such as satellite photos of Earth – which clearly show it as being spherical – and said there’s a ’round Earth conspiracy’ orchestrated by the likes of NASA and other government agencies.

This aside, he says, there are actual pictures of the planet from space, so for that reason alone, he doesn’t understand why anybody would think the world is flat?

Then, my favourite bit – he says:

I’m lost for words and it’s pretty clear that’s true.

It’s probably the most nonsensical suggestion that a thinking human being could possibly make. It is drivel.

Drivel, he says.

Professor Cox isn’t the only one who thinks it’s all a load of old garbage.

Recently, Tesla and SpaceX billionaire Elon Musk, shut down the conspiracy theorists making another perfect point about it all.

Musk tweeted:

Mars’ sky is the opposite of Earth. Blue sunrise and sunset. Red during the day.

Why is there no Flat Mars Society!?

He does make a good point – since Mars too has been observed to be round, why’s there no conspiracy theory yet saying this planet is flat too?

Of course the Flat Earth Society had their response at the ready and replied:

Hi Elon, thanks for the question. Unlike the Earth, Mars has been observed to be round.

We hope you have a fantastic day!

They seem to be forgetting a bit of a key fact here – the Earth has been observed to be round.

Yeah, so come back when you have a valid point – like that’ll happen!

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He’s a musician from a one-hit wonder band. Why should we take his word as gospel?

FEers are just trolls too lazy to move onto a new subject. And, Drawman, anyone smart enough to name their band with a double entendre like D-Ream is a fucking genius.

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