Bride Paintballs Her Own Wedding Dress After Finding Out Her Fiancé Was Boning Her Bridesmaid


This is a cheating story for the ages. A bridesmaid recently posted a Twitter thread recounting what happened after her friend (the bride) caught her fiancé cheating with another bridesmaid. But this, my friends, is no ordinary “I caught my fiancé cheating the night before the wedding” tale. It gets so much more insane.We’ve heard this tale before. Bride catches fiancé cheating with a bridesmaid.

Bride decides to still hold the potluck reception. Groom isn’t welcome (OBVIOUSLY).

Bride is angry, but has two awesome bridesmaids to plot revenge with.

The bridesmaid popped back in with an update about the festivities. There was dancing and a round of shooting paintballs at the bride’s wedding dress.

But then… A TWIST!

It’s crazy enough that the groom took off to Las Vegas with the woman he was cheating on his soon-to-be-wife with, but it gets worse.

THEY’RE GETTING MARRIED! Guess the groom was really set on having this be his wedding day.The party-goers naturally could not believe what was happening. The poor bride was delirious.

As if livestreaming your own wedding to the man your good friend was about to marry wasn’t enough, the offending bridesmaid just *had* to bring up their honeymoon.

The wedding party was still taking bets.

This sounds awful, but at least the bride was one step ahead of her groom from hell.

This story is legitimately insane, but don’t worry. At least the bride is surrounded by people who care about her.

While it probably sucks now, this story will probably be hilarious in a few years. This bride is going to CRUSH at parties for the rest of her life!



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