British Holidaymaker Ends Up In Hospital After Teenage Boy Lands On Him In A Dive-Bomb Gone Wrong


A father-of-one is suing travel firm Jet2Holidays after he and another holidaymaker collided in a dive bomb gone wrong, leaving him in hospital in agony. Graham Hyde, 44, was left with neck injuries after the accident in a Barcelona swimming pool and now now launched legal action against the travel firm after ending up in hospital wearing a neck brace during the £1,800 break with his family.

Footage shows a teenage boy launching himself into the pool directly in front of a slide moments before the accident which left Mr Hyde with ‘cervical neck concussion’. Just as he is about to hit the waves, Mr Hyde can be seen shooting out of the end of the slide – directly into the boy’s path. Mr Hyde lands directly beneath the diver, who was then seen crashing down onto the swimmer.

Following a struggle to get out of the pool, Mr Hyde went into shock after lifeguards applied a combination of deep heat and ice packs to his neck, which burnt his skin. The father-of-one waited two ‘agonising’ hours for treatment after he was taken to hospital in an ambulance. He had to pay for a taxi for his wife and daughter to follow him.

But he added that matters were made ‘even worse’ when the family had to find their own way back to the hotel during a taxi strike, which meant he was ‘stumbling around in a neck brace in the boiling heat and horrible pain’ for at least an hour. Mr Hyde, who would cycle an average of 10 miles a day before the accident, still experiences pain and stiffness months later, despite undergoing physiotherapy. The incident is being investigated by Plexus Law, solicitors for Jet2holidays.


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