British Officers Are Removed From Duty After Beating Suspects With Batons

British Officers Are Removed From Duty After Beating Suspects With Batons


 Five police officers have been taken off the streets today after a video emerged of a suspect being kicked, hit with a baton and allegedly having CS Spray fired in his face.

Footage of the stop-and-search in Aston, Birmingham, shows a series of scuffles between police and civilians during a drugs arrest where two men were held. West Midlands Police said it was ‘treating this matter seriously’ and the officers on film would ‘not be deployed on usual duties’ while an internal investigation took place. The film, posted online yesterday, starts with a driver being arrested after being pulled over in Upper Sutton Street for a drugs offence.

One policeman, wearing a hoodie, tells the man filming them: ‘You’re in my face, move away’. A witness then calls him a ‘d******d’ and pushing and shoving commences and an officer appears to kick a suspect in the leg. Men then begin wrestling as the shoving crosses the road. Then, it is alleged, a suspect is sprayed with CS gas and hit with extendable batons before being pinned to the ground and arrested.

A number of police officers have been removed from ‘usual duties’ after a video showing scuffles following a vehicle search went viral. The video posted on Sunday by police monitoring campaign group Netpol showed an officer using a baton as he helped to detain a man in Upper Sutton Street, Aston, Birmingham.


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