Britney Spears Concert Halted By Acrobatic Fan Who Wouldn’t Leave Britney Alone

This fan really wanted a piece of Britney Spears.

The singer was performing a concert as part of her “Piece of Me” residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas when a fan ran on stage and did a gymnastics move of some sort. Multiple audience members captured the moment on video.

As seen in the clip, just after the fan executes what appears to be a handspring, a security guard runs after him and tries to tackle him. However, the fan quickly fought back and flipped the security guard onto the ground. Ouch.

And while this dude’s decision to rush the stage was objectively uncool, you’ve got to admit his timing was pretty incredible. Just as the security guard starts running after the fan, Spears yells out, “STOP!” as the button to her song. One might think Spears was yelling at the dude to stop trespassing on her stage, but no, she seems to have no idea what’s going on behind her at this point. “Are you guys having fun?!” she cheerfully calls out to the crowd, just after the song ends.

Her attention suddenly turns to the mishegas occurring a few feet upstage, where several security guards seem to have wrangled the miscreant. A couple of other security guards then approach the pop star, and she sounds worried as she asks them, “Is everything okay? What’s going on?”

Spears and some of her backup dancers shuffle off the stage, as more security guards wrestle the fan to the ground. A few of Spears’ shirtless male dancers stand close by, I guess to distract the audience from the intense scene? The crowd then begins to chant, “asshole, asshole, asshole!” over and over. I think we can all consider this a missed opportunity to chant, “Leave Britney alone!” instead.

Footage shows the security guards finally getting the fan into handcuffs of some sort and being escorted off stage.

As per multiple people on Twitter, Spears returned to the stage shortly after to continue inspiring audiences with her timeless dance moves.

Fans shared videos of the moment, from all angles. Watch the clips below, and feel free to chant “Leave Britney alone!” the whole time.


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