Brother Blackmails Sister With Sexy Secret Shots Of Her Changing Inside Car


Dude really wanted his revenge! He waited in full stalker mode for the one moment he needed. The chance to put his sister on blast. Well, first he was going blackmail her into giving him the new family car. She called his bluff.

Then he was going after $50 Amazon gift cards or 1 week of chiplote “her treat”.

Again, the bluff was called. So he did what any terrible brother would do. Post all of the pics on his Twitter that his friends and family know.

Yeah, his public Twitter!

He Tweeted: She said I wouldn’t do it…

She called the bluff the first 2 times. But strike 3 in blackmail = you’re out.

I guess she said she was going to work. But was really going to her boyfriends her parents said she couldn’t see.

I guess this is all the proof they need.

What kinda weird brother takes pics of his sister in her thong?

And loads them all to Twitter for everyone to see?!

He wasn’t happy with just the before pics. He waited 2 hours for the after! And called her to let her know “someone was watching…”


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