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So A Bunch Of Dildos Washed Up On An Italian Beach

So A Bunch Of Dildos Washed Up On An Italian Beach



If you were wondering what some recent news coming out of Italy is just know this: a bunch of dildos recently washed up on a beach.

That’s right, all, the bizarre incident occurred on the seaside by the Hermitage of Camaldoli, near Naples on Italy’s western coast, and involves dozens of dildos washing up on the shore. In fact, this was such a disruption that lifeguards actually banned kids from stepping onto the beach in order to shield their eyes from the rubber penises.


The Sun

They were discovered by shocked volunteers from the Licola Mare Clean Association, who are charged with keeping the coastline clean.

One volunteer, who did not wish to be named, said: “When we saw them we started to laugh because we could not do anything else.”

Association president Umberto Mercurio said that because of the way sea currents flow, a lot of rubbish frequently ends up in the beauty spot. He explained: “This channel leads to the very end of its course.”

OK, Umberto, but you didn’t answer everyone’s question: who threw out all those sex toys and why? Did they not do their job? Was it part of a failed floatation device for some dude stranded on an island? I guess we’ll never know.


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