Bus Driver Attacks 15-Yr-Old Girl Who ‘Couldn’t Find Her Pass’

Brianna Fluellen, 15, who claims she was attacked, shouted at the driver: “You’re gonna lose your f*****g job”

Alicia Miller, 53, has been suspended and is now facing an assault charge after she was filmed arguing with 15-year-old Brianna Fluellen, before pulling her hair.

A group of students tried to intervene to stop the brawl but couldn’t pry the pair apart.

The schoolgirl told WZZM-TV that the dispute started when she couldn’t find her bus pass in her wallet on Thursday afternoon.

Rapid Bus CompanyMichigan bus driver fights with teen girl
Caught on camera: The bus driver was filmed fighting with the teenage girl

The four-minute video, captured by the vehicle’s security camera, filmed Miller telling the schoolgirl: “Get your little butt out of here.”

In response, Fluellen can be heard repeatedly asking: “Are you gonna smack me?”

The argument turns into a fight when Miller gets up from her seat and confronts the girl, after she walks off the bus in Michigan.

Other students try to break up the brawl as the driver pulls Fluellen’s hair, NY Daily News reported.

Finally, after the two do finally separate, the bus driver stands in the doorway of the bus and yells out, “Come on!”

Despite being restrained by a couple of other teens, Fluellen hurls herself at the driver, shouting: “You’re gonna lose your f*****g job, b****.

“I’m gonna f*** you up!”

Rapid Bus CompanyMichigan bus driver fights with teen girl
Busted: The bus driver has been suspended pending an investigation

But the door of the bus closes with her remaining outside.

Fluellen, who was suspended for three days after the incident, told WZZM that the driver started the fight.

She said: “I didn’t do anything for her to put her hands on me.”

Miller was suspended pending an internal investigation by Grand Rapids transit service, while the teen will be cited as a juvenile for causing a disturbance.

Both suffered minor injuries.

Grand Rapids Public Schools released a statement Monday saying the fight was “an isolated situation”.

They said: “It is clear that the student and the driver erred in their action and judgment.

“We are particularly troubled by how the adult escalated the matter despite efforts by other students to separate the two.

“We expect better from both students and adults and we commend the Union students who made every effort to intervene and stop the incident after it started.”

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