Businessman Uses 11,000 Coins For BMW Down Payment

Businessman Uses 11,000 Coins For BMW Down Payment

Everyone had a piggybank growing up, and I’m sure a lot of you still have a bucket of change in your place. But do you have enough to buy a BMW? Well one businessman in China apparently did as that is exactly how he decided to pay for his down payment of a new BMW.

According to The Daily Mail, a bunch of employees at a car dealership had to buckle down and count coins when a businessman entered with a bunch of boxes of coins — 11,000 coins to be exact. It took the employees hours to count all of the coins, and they actually had to close down the dealership in order to do this task.

Check out the video below:



All in all the businessman brought in about $10,800 in coins alone.

Mr. Gu, the sales manager of BMW in Putian, Fujian Province, told Pear Video that the business was doing wholesale business and he insisted paying the first installment in coins.

“They (the coins) were all five maos that the client had been saving over the years,” Mr. Gu said. “There were worth about 70,000 yuan ($10,000) in total,”

Luckily for the employees, the man paid the rest of the car (about $50,000) the regular old fashion way. But just imagine if after all of that counting the man decided he was going to hold off on buying a car. Oh boy…

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