BWAHAHA! North Korean Tank Breaks Down During Military Parade! BWAHAHA!

BWAHAHA! North Korean Tank Breaks Down During Military Parade! BWAHAHA!

Kim Jong Un is having the worst week ever. On Saturday, North Korea held a military parade in honor of Kim Jong Un’s grandfather Kim Il Sung. The parade was to showcase North Korea’s military might. But it turned out that North Korea’s arsenal of scary missiles might be wood boxes. Then Kim Jong Un tried to show the world how much of a badass he is by firing off a missile despite the international community warning him not to. The missile exploded four seconds after launch. So much fail for North Korea in so few days. Just when you thought they were all failed out, this gem appears.

A TV station in South Korea found that a tank participating in Pyongyang’s military parade broke down and had to drive away. Kim Jong Un was in attendance of the parade and had to watch helplessly as a tank began smoking and pulling to one side. The tank was in such bad shape that it had to abandon the parade just before it reached the pavilion where Kim Jong Un was seated. Let’s hope the crew of that tank get to see another parade.

Tough break tubby, but on the plus side at least the tank is wasn’t wood.

On to the GIFs!

Nobody is looking forward to the end of the week beer more than Kim Jong Un.

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