Caitlyn Jenner Sues ‘Stalker Defendants’

Caitlyn Jenner Sues ‘Stalker Defendants’


In the hours before her February 2015 car crash that ended up killing a 70-year-old woman, Caitlyn Jenner says she was chased, harassed, and tailgated by “Stalker Defendants” who ultimately helped cause her accident, she says in court documents seen by People. Those defendants are paparazzi photographers, whom Jenner is now suing for what she says was their role in causing her to become “visually distracted” and slam into the car of Kimberly Howe, who herself had hit the car in front of her that had suddenly stopped short. The photographers’ “negligence and reckless conduct” helped lead to the accident, in which “seconds and split seconds mattered,” per the court papers.

Cast member Caitlyn Jenner participates in a panel for the E! Entertainment Television series "I Am Cait" during the Television Critics Association (TCA) Cable Winter Press Tour in Pasadena

News of her lawsuit came just a day after appearing on Bill Simmons’ Any Given Wednesday show on HBO, in which she told him she had once contemplated killing herself during her transition after a paparazzo took a picture of her as she left a doctor’s office after having a procedure done on her Adam’s apple, per E! Online. She told Simmons that as she paced her hallway in the middle of the night after the snapshot, she thought, “‘Damn, all this s–t is going to come out tomorrow and it’s going to be horrible.’ … And I said, ‘You know what? Go in the other room. You got a gun. Let’s just end it right here.'” What Jenner is seeking in her suit: for the photographers to assume partial liability and financial responsibility for damages and legal proceedings.



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