California DMV Worker Admits To Sleeping On The Job For Over 4 Years

California DMV Worker Admits To Sleeping On The Job For Over 4 Years

Anyone(legally) driving a car has been to the Department of Motor Vehicles. If you’ve ever had the misfortune, you also understand it’s pure hell on Earth. After one visit, all of us would like to know what it feels like to drive a car through the building.

But it turns out what’s hell for many is actually a well-paid slumber party for a select few.

According to a state audit, a “key data operator” at a California DMV has failed at her job, not because of lack of skill or mismanagement, but because she’s been sleeping through it. Seriously, we’re talking several hours a day, asleep at the proverbial wheel.


From February 2014 through December 2017, the employee misused more than 2,200 hours of work time as a result of sleeping on the job, costing the state more than $40,000, the report said.

The findings are detailed in the California State Auditor’s twice a year report on state worker misconduct on Tuesday.

According to the audit, since February 2014, the employee failed to perform the essential duties of her position for at least three hours each workday because she continually fell asleep at work.

Even better yet? The unnamed employee signed her own performance reviews, admitting she has been sleeping at work on a daily basis since early 2014.

But wait! There’s more!

The employee’s supervisor said she woke up the employee “three to four times each day,” yet both of them are still employed.

California, the ‘Golden State’ — as in, you can earn your money in gold simply by nodding off.


The DMV has reportedly initiated a “corrective memorandum” for said employee and will now issue action if she continues to do her best Sleeping Beauty impression.

Josh’s Take

Really? Four years wasn’t long enough for “corrective” action? Unless she has a narcolepsy diagnosis, hook this woman up to a coffee IV or send her packing.

This is why California was broke until legalizing marijuana.

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Why is the DMV a nightmare? We have nothing like that in the UK.

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