Call Of Duty Streamer Banned For Shaking Ass After Every Kill

Call Of Duty Streamer Banned For Shaking Ass After Every Kill

If you are a fan of the site (shout out to you guys!) normally you would expect me to rip into another streamer girl for using her booty and boobs for tips on Twitch.

Not this time! When I read up on her Twitch account and scrolled through her IG and Twitter I realized why she is respected as a “streamer”.

She knows what she is doing and doesn’t try and hide it. She twerks on kill cams and got her ASS OUT FOR HARAMBE!

Most “gamer girls” will act like they aren’t trying to sell sex to the video game nerds beating their meat on Twitch. Not Zoie!


She knows her audience and what they want to see!  She titles her videos appropriately:  “Not your everyday black ops stream ?”


And makes a living off streaming! “Come find out how twerking pays my rent”


Recently she got the dreaded Twitch email:


That left in hungover and naked. I am not joking here:



I don’t know what we can do for Zoie but she needs to know we are here for her! The best I could think of was finding as many videos of her shaking to help grow her fan base some more!

Twitch needs to lighten up! Let the booties shake!


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Twitch is so overly restrictive about “offensive” material that I don’t really want to support them anymore. I understand they are trying to do the whole family friendly thing with twitch but it isn’t working. The comments section is loaded with the usual things you see in internet chats and the streamers are free to use any language they want also. But god forbid a girl stream in a bikini or out comes the fucking ban hammer….

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