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Call Of Duty “Streamer” Get Ass Paddled In-Between Game Lobbies

Call Of Duty “Streamer” Get Ass Paddled In-Between Game Lobbies


I am going to start putting the word “streamer” in quotes. Mainly because a lot of you in the comments get extremity upset at these girls giving streamers bad names.

One of them just started a new YouTube channel and grew 250,000 Subscribers in 2 weeks. So it seems to be working for these girls!

When stumbled on this video it seemed just too insane to be real. Who in their right mind would do this for some views?! Oh, yeah… We have seen it all!

The stream looks like it was pretty epic! I am guessing she got a lot of tips from people who could have just gone to pornhub for free. I am not mad! American Dream!

The stream is set up and the audio is tested. Looks good to me:


Activision should take some notes here. Instead of paying old dudes to cover their games on YouTube they should market with streamers like this! People would tune in, watch some of the game, get some high-quality entertainment and best of all, not get caught up in gambling lotto scams.

She gets hit with a variety of different items including this wood block!


I bet you are wondering if it hurt… Good thing she also had a face came recording!


Yep… Painful!

In the end, it looks like the gameplay just turned off and she started getting spanked with anything they could find in the kitchen…


You can’t say that didn’t hurt. Well, maybe not the wire whisk, but the other paddles look painful! Just look at her red ass from all those smacks!


Here is a video from the stream:


One reply on “Call Of Duty “Streamer” Get Ass Paddled In-Between Game Lobbies”

“giving streamers bad names”

That’s like saying porn gives cinematographers bad names

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