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Cam Girl Explains How Sex Shows Saved Her Life

Cam Girl Explains How Sex Shows Saved Her Life


Who said all cam girls were bad?! Being a cam girl saved this girls life!

21-year-old Jayme Jones is only five foot three inches tall and at the age of 18 was forced to wear clothing intended for 13-year-olds.

But those days in the past after she entered the world of web camming for money.

Jones quit her job as a sales person after purchasing an HD camera and setting up a studio.

Now she is making $68,000 per year and is back to a healthy 142 pounds, and wearing clothes sized eight to ten.


Jayme said: Being a cam girl has helped me find my body confidence and overcome my eating disorder. Online I get showered in compliments, but in your day to day life that would never happen.

I thought I was fat, so I started completely cutting out meals…I would skip all meals for two or three days.


If I ever did have to eat a meal because someone forced me I would just cry, and then vomit it back up later…When I was anorexic I wanted to be a model, but since camming, I don’t mind extra weight. I feel sexy.

Jayme also has the full support of family and her boyfriend of two years, who recognise that what she does on film is an act.

The 21-year-old is not treating her job as a stop gap either. She said:

One second I’ll be normal me and the next minute I’ll be this happy bubbly woman. I have the confidence to push my boobs together and tell men I’ve done stuff I would never do in real life.

The money is so good I would delay doing other things in my life like having a baby. Eventually, I would like to have my own web cam business.



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BTW do you see the #141 hash tag? That’s Hong Kong slang for independent hooker.

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