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Cameron Crowe Tells An Insane Story About What It Takes To Get Axl Rose Onstage

Cameron Crowe Tells An Insane Story About What It Takes To Get Axl Rose Onstage

Axl Rose is many things. He’s violent. He’s crazy. He’s a massive pain in the ass to deal with personally or professionally. That last part is the stuff of legend, in particular the time he delayed a Guns N’ Roses show so that he could finish watching “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze.” Sure, Rose kept a crowd of thousands waiting so that he could witness Vanilla Ice and some dudes in rubber suits jump around, but at least he actually showed up to that show.

In any case, Rose always tried to blame his constant tardiness on other factors and not the fact that he has the temperament of a rabid wolverine. According to an EW interview with Cameron Crowe, Rose once delayed a show over a missing piece of wardrobe. In honor of his new Showtime series “Roadies,” Crowe was asked about the best roadie story he ever heard. Of course it was Guns N’ Roses related.


From EW:

I heard some roadies talking about how something had to be “yellow-jacketed” and I [asked] “What is yellow-jacketing?” They said, “There was a guy that worked with Guns N’ Roses, and there was a show and Axl Rose needed a yellow jacket that he’d left in England before he would perform. So a roadie was given the job to get on a plane as fast as possible, go to London, find Axl Rose’s yellow jacket, and come back so he could play the show.” The best part about that story is not that somebody had to go get a yellow jacket for Axl Rose, but that it became such lore among other roadies that it became a verb — to yellow-jacket.

Of course, rock star diva behavior doesn’t begin and end with Rose. There’s a long standing urban legend about how Bono once paid thousands of dollars to have his favorite hat flown to him in a first-class seat on a commercial flight from London to Italy. I’m gonna go ahead and assume the roadie who was sent to retrieve Rose’s jacket flew coach.



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