You Can help This Social Network For Conspiracy Theorists Become A Reality

You Can help This Social Network For Conspiracy Theorists Become A Reality


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In this exciting new age of social media, where every mundane piece of data about you is gathered and sold to advertisers in order to turn your precious personality into dollars, where is the woke truther to turn for dank memes and unimpressive life updates? Wide Awake Media has a solution: a social media platform specifically made for conspiracy theorists.

Awake Social, brought to you by the same company behind Awake Dating, aims to be the social media platform of choice for those who know who’s really in control (the illuminati and/or lizard people). According to Jarrod Fidden, the creator of Awake Dating, many members of WAM’s dating site have deleted their other social media accounts of privacy concerns. Awake Social would theoretically be a secure network, free of ads — meaning members would have to pay a yearly subscription fee — that would only be accessible to members.

On top of being ad free, which would supposedly prevent them from needing to mine everyone’s data, WAM is also big on users not revealing too much about themselves:

“The main reason anonymity does not exist is because users reveal so much private information. At WAM, we recommend users think about what, who, and how they display info everywhere online — not just with WAM,” WAM writes in its security guidelines. “As part of our program we intend to educate our WAM users on tools, techniques, and strategies for achieving a high level of personal privacy in a world that seems to be at war with one’s dignity and identity.”

Fidden has set up an IndieGoGo campaign to fund the website. They even made a fun video to entice you:

I appreciate that there is actually a dude wearing a tinfoil hat in that ad. Why beat around the bush?

As of this writing, the campaign has raised a grand total of $0.00 out of $317,350; but, to be fair, it only existed for about an hour. If the idea of a totally secure social network is appealing to you, maybe you’ll wanna toss them a few bucks. Of course, you will have to deal with people constantly trying to explain chemtrails and controlled demolition.





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