Can You Recognize The Game of Thrones Cast When They Were Younger?



Game of Thrones is a show where the decisions of the past affect the lives of the generations after them. But for all the flashbacks and mind-swaps and ancient tomes, have you ever considered the pasts of the actors who make the show so memorable? Here’s some rare photos we found that will blow your mind (that is, unless you’re familiar with European character actors from the past 40 years).


1. Young Cersei Lannister (in 1994’s Waterland)

Lena Headey as a teenager, and she still had the RBF on lockdown.


2. Young Ser Jorah Mormont (in 1988’s Gorillas in the Mist)

Iain Glenn proving that cheekbones are forever.


3. Young Euron Greyjoy (in 2008’s To verdener)

Actor Pilou Asbæk starred in a bunch of sincere dramas in his home country of Denmark before becoming the scourge of the Narrow Seas.


4. Young Yara Greyjoy (in 2010’s The Wolfman)

Despite her famous no-nonsense role in Game of Thrones, Gemma Whelan is actually an award winning standup comedian in England.


5. Young Jaqen H’gar (in 2008’s Spoons)

A man is given a name, and it’s Tom Wlaschiha.


6. Young Qyburn (in a 1988 adaptation of Twelfth Night)

Though we know him as Cersei’s personal Mad Scientist, Anton Lesser has been with the Royal Shakespeare Company since 1990!


7. Young Bronn (in 1991’s Soldier Soldier)

Jerome Flynn was not only a TV star, but he had a pop hit in 1995.


8. Young Walder Frey (in 1971’s A Family At War)

Hard to believe that David Bradley once had a role that wasn’t “bitter old dude in genre fiction”.


9. Young Ellaria Sand (in 2008’s Jinnah)

Indira Varma played the second wife of Pakistani founding figure Muhammad Ali Jinnah in this biopic starring Christopher Lee.


10. Young Tormund Giantsbane (in 2001’s Fox Grønland)

16 years ago, Kristofer Hivju graced Norwegian televisions WITHOUT his now-legendary beard.

11. Young Ser Davos (in 1995’s First Knight)

The Onion Knight himself Liam Cunningham has always had a way with chivalry.


12. Young Gilly (in 2007’s Skins)

Hannah Murray first got her start in this controversial/sexy British teen drama.


13. Young Tyrion Lannister (in 2003’s The Station Agent)

Peter Dinklage played a socially anxious young man before evolving into the god of tits and wine. 


14. Young Hodor (in his actual old Myspace profile)

Kristian Nairn serves as an inspiration for all giant hairy DJs with messy apartments.


15. Young Thoros of Myr (in 1995’s Anyone for Pennis?)

Paul Kaye played a booze-swigging fire priest, but he first came to prominence as Dennis Pennis, a fake outspoken pop-culture correspondant.


16. Young Alliser Thorne (in a 1985 episode of Doctor Who)

Owen Teale’s iconic role as “Maldak”, which makes the name “Alliser” seem way better in hindsight.


17. Young Petyr Baelish (in 2000’s The Low Down)

Aidan Gillen proves that the early 2000’s were a Fieri-ish time for everybody.


18. Young Sandor Clegane aka The Hound (in 2002’s The Book Group)

Rory McCann can be a leading man? Yarp!


19. Young Jaime Lannister (in 1997’s Nightwatch)

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, looking like he just heard the first reviews for Gods of Egypt.


20. Young Olenna Tyrrel (in 1961’s The Avengers)

Diana Rigg’s iconic role as Emma Peel is the reason “sexy spies” is a fetish you, the person reading this, definitely has.

21. Young Grey Worm (in 2010’s

Before portraying the world’s deadliest eunuch, Jacob Anderson was just another cool teen actor.


22. Young Archmaester Ebrose (in 1987’s Superman IV: The Quest For Peace)

Oscar winner Jim Broadbent once declared his role in this famously bad superero movie as his most forgettable.


23. Young Ned Stark (in a 1984 episode of The Bill)

I couldn’t find confirmation whether or not Sean Bean’s character dies in this, so we’re gonna mark it down as a “definitely”.


24. Young Melisandre (in 1999’s Suzy Q)

Carice van Houten’s acting resume is so impressive, you may forget about that time she voiced Milhouse’s hot cousin on The Simpsons.


25. Young Lord Varys (in 1994’s Blue Heaven)

Conleth Hill has played many much hairier roles before Game of Thrones.

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