Can You Solve This Riddle That Has Shut Down The Internet?

Can You Solve This Riddle That Has Shut Down The Internet?

And find out who you are at the same time?!


I Am Bored

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I had to make a login just to post this.
The person who posted this doesn’t understand the question/answer either.
This is originally suppost to be a multiple choice question.
Where you can choose either:
a. Grandmother
b. Mother
c. Daughter
d. Granddaughter
e. I am Teresa
But by not giving us the choices with the question and only revealing them after you’ve made two choices available.
A: me (i.e. the person who is asking the puzzle).
B: A son in law.
So maybe 95% of the internet can’t get the answer, but what % can’t even ask the question?

Weird riddle. At least it wasnt another math one, I could actually figure this one out pretty easy.

The answers is 44. (mom +daughter * Teresa) (2Teresa + x)


A devout Muslim immigrant born in New York walks into a gay bar where he normally goes to get drunk and pick up men armed with an American made AR-15 repeating military styled not-assault rifle with high capacity magazines full of NATO 5.56mm rounds. Which he bought legally under FBI surveillance for making terroristic threats and commits the largest one-man massacre in the history of the nation because not because he’s Muslim but because he’s angry at seeing two men kissing and pledges allegiance to the Islamic State. The Republican Nominee for president holds a press conference to explain how it’s Obama’s fault and how he’s going to make sure legal immigrants can’t come into the country (tourists are exempt) and will meet with the NRA to ensure all gay people have access to assault rifles to protect themselves against terrorism. How is this “Making America Great Again ™”?

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