You Can Tell How Good A Man Is In Bed By His Hands

Usually if a woman is staring at your hands, she’s either wondering if you have a wedding ring or are single.


Maybe she’s sizing up the size of your todger or how long you will last, as you’re about to find out…

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Apparently (used loosely), if a man’s ring finger is the same size as his other fingers or shorter, then he’ll last longer in bed.

But if you’ve got a long ring finger, you won’t last very long in the sack. Sad.

Dr David Goldmeier at Imperial College London was studying premature ejaculation when he discovered that there was a link between how much testosterone a baby received as a child in the womb and how long their ring fingers were.

High levels of testosterone in the brain control the receptors that make you ejaculate.

Before people thought that premature ejaculation was about genetics, or psychological. But nope, it’s about how much testosterone you got as a baby. Premature ejaculation affects one in three men – so there’s a chance that it will happen to you. And now you can blame your mum. Sounds wrong, that!

Other studies have shown that men who have longer ring fingers have larger penises, are at a lower risk of contracting heart disease and are more athletic. So you might ejaculate prematurely, but your dick is big. What a trade off! So swings and roundabouts.

There’s A Spray For That

So say you are suffering from premature ejaculation… don’t worry. Scientists have found the cause of it – the lack of testosterone in the womb – and have also found a cure! They’ve made a spray. One of the scientists who created Viagra has also made a spray that he says will help nine out of ten men who suffer from spunking too soon.

It’s got anaesthetic in it which numbs your penis so you’ll last five times longer than usual. And it only takes five minutes to work! Hop off to the bathroom, spray it on and ta dah! Ready to rock and roll.

You have to get a prescription from your doctor and at £99.99 it ain’t cheap, but it sounds like it’s worth it.

Here’s some more info, you know, for your mate.


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