Can We Figure Out Your Personality Based On What You Hate?

It’s unbelievable what the things you hate reveal about you!

7 replies on “Can We Figure Out Your Personality Based On What You Hate?”

No, you didn’t nail it because half the bloody questions don’t apply. what do I hate most- Bad Manners, Lack of punctuality, thoughtlessness, cruelty, lack of generosity.

Oh Hi Maddduck, long time no hear!

What do I hate?
Crass stupidity
people whose lives are ruled by face/arse/tit book

If I appear to have been drinking, it shows how observant you are.

When you express hatred, it comes from a place of intellectual frustration and the belief that the world should make sense. There is nothing worse than people and things that waste your time and rational energy.

You are remarkably smart, but more than that, you are adept at analyzing and understanding situations and people. More than anything, you are concerned with understanding the world around you and grasping its ideas and functions. You should continue making thoughtful choices and the world will follow your lead!
Eh, sounds good, why not? 🙂

Ya Wendy, that’s what I got too – stubborn intellectual.
…sounds like a really long fortune cookie.

“You are a relaxed extrovert who has no trouble getting along in social situations. People naturally gravitate towards you, which is great for you because you are at your best in big groups. Keep being a loving socializer, and people will begin to learn from your butterfly-like qualities.”

No, I just don’t give a rat’s arse what those peons think about me. At the end of the day, they’ll bend to my will.

I’m a little freaked out, Drac… my honey got the same result as you did 😉

I got frustrated idealist, but the questions were wrong. I no longer iron shirts, and have zero interest in celebs.

Things that bug me? I get twenty minutes tea-break in the morning so I go down to my usual place and my good friends are sitting around the table and my tea has been made exactly to my liking, there are biscuits on the table (including Hob-nobs and ginger-nuts) but everyone is looking at their bloody phones.

Yeah, also injustice, cruelty, bigotry and rudeness but mostly bloody phones.

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