Can We Guess What Your Type Is In 10 Questions?

Can We Guess What Your Type Is In 10 Questions?

It’s crazy accurate.

3 replies on “Can We Guess What Your Type Is In 10 Questions?”

“Someone devoted
All you want from your partner is someone who is utterly devoted to you and your relationship together. You’re happiest with someone who is gentle and considerate and who props you up throughout all life’s hardships. You’re not looking for fireworks and passionate drama, you want quiet contentment and a loving happy ever after.”

No I want someone who is permissive, asks few questions and forgives my indiscretions. Also vulnerable, with don’t-hit-me eyes.

Someone Intellectual –
You’re attracted to brains and intelligence. You like someone who can carry a conversation, who thinks about the world and who is highly cultured. Nothing is sexier than an evening spent lost in hours of conversation with your partner, and you love being with someone who can teach you something new every day.

Almost right; I don’t care about tons of conversation… I care about quality of conversation. But, yes, intelligence/personality is the biggest turn-on.

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