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Can We Guess Your Middle Initial?

Can We Guess Your Middle Initial?


Well, can we?


Can We Guess Your Middle Initial?

12 replies on “Can We Guess Your Middle Initial?”

“Is it L? You’re the class clown, the nerdy kid or the drama kid. Whatever it is you have a quirky personality and people appreciate that about you. You’ve never fit into any social group very well and have always had lots of different kinds of friends. You love helping people and hearing their stories. Your name is probably something like Lawrence or Lynn.”

Not even close.

You got W! You’re more on the distinguished side, congratulations. You are very put together, intelligent, and strong willed. You have a lot of plans for your future and are working hard towards them. Your middle name is probably Wadsworth or Wilhemina or something strange. Your parents were just as out there as you are.
Er, not even a little bit close, or similar.

Yet another quiz I can’t finish because I’m presented with a choice of idiots to “admire the most”. I admire none of these people.

Ok, so I picked the least offensive one just to get past that question only to be given another list of shitty things to pick my favorite. So picked the one that stunk the least just to get to the end only for my result to be WAY off. Where the hell are you guys finding these ridiculous quizzes that for some reason we’re compelled to answer anyway? smh

You really can’ t tell where we get the quizzes from? It is pretty obvious. Now if you have some better ones..please take time and submit them. That would be great.

I personally enjoy them and they are fun. Some suck ass but over all for the the people that create them, it is a decent site that gets TONS of internet traffic and is a very popular site to visit. I even started a Chaostrophic account on there. Hopefully some day I will get time to be able to research and create my own quizzes for everyone to take.

Mine was wrong as well. NOt even close. I guess if you figure the odds…one in 26 is pretty bad.

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