Can We Sum Up Your Life Story in Six Words?



Everyone has a story – is yours a tale of success, or a rollercoaster?

Can We Sum Up Your Life Story in Six Words?

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“You’re THE kid.

The one that no one seems to understand sometimes. You’re the one that people tilt their heads at, wondering what is going on. You wonder what’s going on inside yourself sometimes! But that’s a beautiful thing, you’re an open book and life are still being written.

You are intriguing, but very well assured and confident. It’s that same confidence that has carried you throughout life. You’re the person who can pull off very difficult things and make them seem like no problem at all!

There is nothing more honorable than someone who paves their own way, so grab a shovel and show them what you’re made of! That’s your job when you’re proud to be different!”

Senseless bullshit

You are the definition of a survivor. You are patient, calm, and strong. Most importantly, you’re hopeful. You are the friend who can look at a problem and see the light at the end of the tunnel. It takes someone very special to see the single shining star in a dark and cloudy sky – but you can do it almost effortlessly!

It will always get better – those are the words that sum up your life story. You represent the hallmark of persistence and survival. Perhaps you’ve been through a few struggles, maybe you’ve been through hard times, but it’s your positive outlook and respectable approach that makes you!

The question then is, how BETTER will it get? And that’s for you to decide!

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