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Can You Pass The Color Blind Test?

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Can You Pass The Color Blind Test?

6 replies on “Can You Pass The Color Blind Test?”

I’m colorblind. Very very very colorblind.

The test said that I’m a “color expert”.
The test lets you keep guessing until you get the right answer. It’s impossible to fail.


I ‘passed with flying colours’; I got them all right on the first click.
They may let you click until you manage to guess the right answer but I think how many times you have to click until you find the right answers counts against you. Maybe?

Yup flying colours too, despite being very colourblind – guessed on most of them.

Turdburglar, you had a look at the Enchroma glasses yet?

vimto –

Saw them online. Sounds interesting…but expensive.

Still, interesting.

It’s not like I can’t see color. It’s just that they are toned way way way down, and it’s hard to tell colors apart. Like green and red, or worst of all (for me) is blue and purple or red and pink. (I can’t see red, and green is a bit off for me too.)
From what I gather, the glasses help define the colors a little better. Yellow blends into orange before red…the glasses block out the in between shades between the colors to make them stand apart better.

That’s probably a horrible explanation of how they work, but I’m going from memory.

I’m gonna look them up again. Maybe I’ll reconsider. Maybe the price will go down. It would be nice if I could try them first. I couldn’t see myself wearing glasses unless they worked very very well.

Have you tried or researched them?

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