Can You Pass US History 101?

How much do you really know about the greatest nation on Earth?

6 replies on “Can You Pass US History 101?”

Hilarious, apparently I aced it. However, seem to remember that the largest empire to date was another place, quite a small island if I remember- just on the tip of my tongue…

I passed with flying colours, but then again not much history in such a young country.

I aced it? Really? Although like Madduck nearly mentioned – greatest Empire was bedecked in pink back in the day ahem

The questions on this quiz site are not very good. I didn’t think the Avengers one was put together very well either.

The sun never set on the British Empire, that’s for sure. However, the largest empire would be the Mongols under Khan. At it’s peak it had more landmass than any other.

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