Canadian Man’s Drunk Mid-Flight Meltdown May Cost Him $17K

Canadian Man’s Drunk Mid-Flight Meltdown May Cost Him $17K

Sounds like his tantrum is going to cost him.

Last July, a 40-year-old man named Charalabos Nassios decided to get trashed on a Sunwing flight from Montreal to Cuba, and he caused such a disturbance that the plane had to make an emergency landing companied by two US Air Force F-15 jets.

Here’s a little clip of what went down in that flight.

Nassios was arrested and eventually pleaded guilty to charges of assault, mischief and uttering threats. But the trouble doesn’t end there as Nassios may end up having to pay $17,450 for all the trouble he caused.

Daily Mail

Prosecutors want Nassios to receive a three-year suspended sentence and pay $17,450 in damages for landing fees, wasted fuel, overtime salaries for airline staff and hotel rooms for 170 passengers.

The incident happened on July 6 last year, when the Sunwings plane departed Pierre Trudeau International Airport in Montreal bound for the Cuban resort island of Caya CoCo. Witnesses said Nassios started making threats and acting ‘aggressively’ towards other passengers, leading to aircrew ordering the flight to turn round shortly after takeoff and land back in Montreal.

He threatened to rip a fellow passenger’s nose off and even claimed to be part of a Russian gang, reported the Montreal Gazette.

Since the incident went down, Nassios has signed up for AA and filed for bankruptcy. Nassios is set to be sentenced on April 18, but if he’s forced to pay up he may want to consider a DB Cooper plan to get the money. Hey, just a suggestion.


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