Canadian Road Rage, Eh?

Canadian Road Rage, Eh?


Welcome back to Winnipeg to my family. Just got back from Mexico, heading home from airport. I haven’t driven in a bit so was driving slower than speed limit. We hit a big puddle and accidentally splashed this truck.

I slowed down to say sorry but they just kept swerving at us. Then we were clipped 2x by these guys driving on Notor Dame.

They were trying to squeeze me onto the center boulevard. We lucked out and caught a green light and were able to take another street. Then the video happened!!

My daughters crying, I took serious driving measures to get away from them!

Once on Logan Ave we almost collided with a semi because we had to use on coming lane to elude the truck. All traffic stopped and the passenger began running after us down Logan. I did what I needed to get my family out of a potentially dangerous situation!

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