Cancelled Halo Game Footage Leaks Online


Did you know that at one time, Microsoft and Megabloks were working together on a Halo Megabloks game for Xbox 360?

The project wasn’t meant to be, and was ultimately cancelled, but Andrew Borman of the excellent Preserving Gaming History recently published a video providing a history of the doomed project, along with a few screens and some footage.

Halo Megablocks was reportedly in development at N-Space under the name Haggar was canceled in 2013, with only a small portion of the game having been completed.

The project ran on Unreal Engine 3 and, similar to the LEGO games, would have put us in control of a Megablock Spartan in a Megablock world – it didn’t look half bad, to be honest.

Players would have used a variety of weapons (including the Needler and Energy Sword), and there would have been customizable vehicles, co-op, platforming, and a lighter, kid-friendly tone.

Basically, it looks a lot like it was gonna be LEGO Halo. Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course, because both franchises are great fun.

While Halo Megablocks will never see the light of day, 343 Industries boss Bonnie Ross has said in the past that the developer is receiving requests to make Halo games that appeal to a younger audience.

Perhaps one day we’ll see a kid-friendly game starring Master Chief out there in the world. Till then, check out Borman’s full rundown of the failed project below.

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