Carrie Fisher On The Beach As Slave Leia Got Photoshopped For All You Awesome Nerds

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the new Star Wars film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is of course reeling in a bunch of money, and grabbing everyone’s attention this holiday season. But while Star Wars was also making big bucks and was the center of every conversation about 30 years ago, there was something else peaking everyone’s interest: Carrie Fisher in a bikini at the beach.

Back in 1983, a then 27-year-old Fisher teamed up with Rolling Stone magazine for a photoshoot in order to promote Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. And boy, what is it a great way to promote it.

Check out one of the original photos below:

Now as great as that photo also is on its own, the internet of course had to touch it up a tad, so they decided to take it to Reddit in order to do just that. So take a look below at all the great work that the internet had to offer.

The Hill Are Alive…

And boy is Carrie stoked.

Part Of Your World

Carrie sure wants to be part of us — I don’t know why, we suck.


Museums should make room for this one.

Hot Tub Party!

Jabba the Hut sure is pretty happy about all this.

Say Hello To All This Coke

Coke and a hot gal and Tony Montana still looks grumpy.

Oh, Come On

Don’t stop the good times.

A Hannibal Makes An Appearance

Everyone out of the water!

Carrie, Behind You!

Although maybe those Storm Troopers came to party, too.

Slippery Slope

Does Carrie need rescuing or…?


All about those “Rebel Jugs.”

Why, Internet, Why?

Why must you ruin things?


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